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Neelesh Patel

EarthShare NC Board Member

I was first introduced to EarthShare North Carolina at a SEEDS Harvest Dinner.  SEEDS, one of EarthShare NC’s Member organizations, holds this marquee event yearly in the Fall.  It was there that I met Heather Beard, EarthShare’s Executive Director, and struck up a conversation about the capacity for local environmental impact around Durham.  Out of this grew EarthShare NC’s Corporate Earth Day Challenge in the Triangle, for which I worked on the committee.  It was a terrific event and did just as advertised – bringing corporations together with conservation groups and a huge volunteer event with hundreds of volunteers and corporations making lasting impact to local nonprofits and the environment in general.  It did so well in fact, one year later it had spread to Charlotte and expanded in size and scope in the Triangle.

                At that time, I had become acutely mindful of my children growing up. This “moment in time”, intersecting with my burgeoning work with EarthShare NC, offered me the wonderful chance to be a more active agent in improving the world my children will live in.  That is why I continue to support EarthShare NC both as a Board Member and as a staunch advocate for them and their Member organizations.