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Lee Bush

I knew from the moment I arrived in North Carolina 12 years ago that this was a special place. Whether I’m surfing on the coast, attending music festivals in the mountains or enjoying the bounty of farmers markets in the Piedmont, the natural resources of North Carolina feed my soul and enrich my life. But I’m well aware that our state can only give back what we invest in its sustainability. Our wellbeing depends on our commitment to nurture and sustain our air, land, water and wildlife. One of the reasons I support EarthShare NC is because it’s not some lofty environmental organization with unrealistic expectations. Instead, it is a partnership between NC businesses, residents, volunteers and local nonprofits who understand the unique issues and challenges of each region. I think this is a vital approach to environmental sustainability – all those invested in and impacted by our environment working together. We all share the same purpose of making NC healthy and economically viable for the people who live and work here. Supporting EarthShare NC is one simple way I can participate in that process.