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Anne Claire Broughton

EarthShare NC Board Chair '14-'16

North Carolina is my home. I love our verdant mountains and sandy beaches, our sparkling water and clean air. Working with EarthShare NC to connect North Carolina’s business community with our state’s leading conservation nonprofits to keep NC a great place to live and work has been one of the most rewarding projects of which I’ve ever been a part. But EarthShare NC is special not only for its amazing member nonprofits and excellent programs but also for the way that it operates. There is always a cooperative spirit and a sense of kindness and finding common ground which is refreshing in today’s world. My husband and I donated to EarthShare NC’s 25th Anniversary Opportunity Fund because we care about our state and because EarthShare NC is a special organization that deserves our support. I plan to be a part of the EarthShare NC community for many years to come.