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Allison Harrison

former EarthShare NC Outreach & Engagement Director

I grew up playing in the creek that ran through my front yard, taking family walks on the trails in our county, and looking for alligators and turtles in a swamp near the seafood restaurant my grandparents liked. When I got older, I loved seeing the farmlands along the highway between my college and my hometown. I took it all for granted. I hear dire climate change forecasts, and see the river near my home ranked in the 10 Most Endangered Rivers in the US. The problem seems so big, and my efforts seemed so small. How much difference does it make if I bring my coffee cup from home, carpool, or donate a few dollars to an environmental group? When I came to work at EarthShare NC in 2014, I saw our Member nonprofits using ingenuity and tenacity to keep our water clean and our air healthy, preserve the land that makes this state unique and prosperous, improve food access, advance sustainable energy, advocate for people- and planet-friendly policies, and ensure that NC is a viable place for wildlife and recreation. I saw workplaces from all sectors and regions partnering with us to complete volunteer projects, fund the vital work of our nonprofits, and collaborate on mutually beneficial goals. EarthShare NC made this possible. I believe that big change is possible, in NC and globally. But only if we work together. Help EarthShare NC sustain the next 25 years of the NC environmental movement. Join me in donating to the 25th Anniversary Opportunity Fund. Every dollar and social media share counts.