50 Actions for 50 Years

Make a measurable impact for the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day

What is it?

  • Employees are challenged to take 50 sustainable actions leading up to Earth Day 2020
  • The mobile app tracks actions, metrics, and points for a friendly competition with other companies
  • Peers share pictures and activity within the app to inspire each other and stay fully engaged

Why join?

  • One Earth Day event for ALL — Whether employees work in different locations or can’t get out of the office for a volunteer day, everyone can participate
  • Answers the employee question: “How can I make a difference?” At the end of the challenge, employees will be able to see how much water they have saved, trash they have diverted, and carbon they have kept out of the atmosphere
  • Demonstrate your support for conservation to your employees and customers. Join the growing number of companies that take care of the communities in which they operate

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